Vanlife Interior Furniture

A new up and coming company called Vanlife approached me with an exciting project that took me back to my 3D design roots helping them to design, develop their new product and create 2D CAD drawings and 3D CAD models for manufacture. The furniture was to fit a VW T4 van that would be bought a flat pack design and the customer would self-assemble. There were various hurdles to overcome, namely to accommodate the curves and shape of the interior of the van and to make the hinges work with the various angles of the concept design by Cindy of Vanlife.

The hinge unit (shown below in the blue 3D model) was made by a 3D printer and the 12mm plywood pieces were cut from sheets using a CNC table router, which used a file I created of all the furniture piece parts.

Vanlife Van Interiors

Great project and a fantastic outcome.